Welcome to Tick Zero. It’s September 2022 and we are at the end of the hottest UK summer on record.

With the media messaging on climate change becoming increasingly noisy, we know it can be difficult to form a balanced view on what actions we need to be taking. That’s why we’ve created Real Climate Solutions – a course of 6 short films. In an hour of films, we provide evidence-based information on why we need to take action and what actions are required.

We are a research centre at the University of Cambridge (Use Less Group and UK FIRES) and you have found our new public engagement arm.

We’re here to give quick and accessible information on climate change mitigation for everyone – from the very basic information to the highly complex actions and everything in between. We aim to provide bitesize knowledge for all. We want to bridge the gap between the key players and ensure that everyone’s actions and voices matter.

We would love to hear from you.

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