• Patricia Boice

    Thank you for producing this guide to zero emissions. A commenter in today’s New York Times posted the link to Tick Zero. I live in a rural mountain county in Idaho, USA. I plan to also share the Tick Zero link to my friends. More letters to my political representatives.

  • Alison

    These films are interesting but don’t play in sequence after the first one plays. I keep on getting sent to YouTube where the next video isn’t anything to do with these 6 videos. The videos on the website are really hard to navigate – there’s nowhere I can select which video to watch. (I’ve watched 1, 2 and 3 and can’t navigate to 4 – I keep on getting 2 or 1 again). Maybe it’s because I’m watching on a mobile, but you should make these really easy to watch!!! Please test how they play and fix these issues and allow users to click on which video to watch (some people may want to watch one or 2 and then come back later) I’m going to keep trying but many people won’t and it makes me reluctant to share as it’s not an easy viewing experience.

    • Jenny

      I watched on computer. I ignored the Youtube suggestions, and instead used the little dots under the video title to click to the next one (unfortunately these only appear when you move your mouse over the two dark bands). Alternatively there are arrows to the left and right of the video panel to click next and previous movies. It’s a bit discreet but the links are there.

  • This film is amazing but you should clarify that it is important to eat less of *all meat* not just beef and lamb. Otherwise the inference is that eating the same amount of meat, but switching to pork and chicken is an environmentally sound choice. Pork and chicken have enormous land footprints, and dangerously high antibiotics use. For our health as well, we need to eat more pulses, vegetables, legumes etc.

  • Thank you for making this very helpful film. Splitting it into 6 parts is a good idea for easy consumption. We will feature a 6% reduction year on year challenge and your website and film in our local community initiative for Earth Day this April.

  • An excellent series of films that have really helped un-muddle the bigger issue for me as well as providing clarity on the need for a 2-prong approach. Thank you.

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