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Trump Digs Coal imageCredit: Evan El-Amin /
Aeroplane imageCredit: fasttailwind/
Apollo 11 imageNASA / licenced under CC
Global GHG proportionsWorld Resources Institute 2020 –
Flying car imageCredit: Tinxi/
Vertical forestCredit: Ivan Kurmyshov/
NETs imageCredit: Dmitry Kovalchuk/
DRAX imageCredit: Phil Silverman/
Coal-fired power stationCredit: GLF Media/
Sapling imageCredit: Tino Lehmann/
Tree growthTime course of GHG balance of new Sitka spruce forest planted on previously arable land but with the capital emissions, Allwood, J., Offsetting supplementary information, data from Morison, J., Matthews, R., Miller, G., Perks, M., Randle, T., Vanguelova, E., White, M. and Yamulki, S. (2012). Understanding the carbon and greenhouse gas balance of forests in Britain. Forestry Commission Research Report. Forestry Commission, Edinburgh. i–vi + 1–149 pp.
GeoengineeringCredit: Chelsea Thompson, NOAA/CIRES NOAA – Simulated geoengineering evaluation: cooler planet, but with side effects
BirthratesThe data used to create this figure is from the World Bank. The emissions figures are on a production basis, reflecting the industrial activities of each country, rather than the consumption basis which would be a better reflection of individual impact. However, following the current practices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the World Bank only has the production numbers.