Policy often focuses on the cost of climate action. In this film, we examine the cost of inaction– starvation, unimaginable human tragedy and war. We present the evidence, before ending on an optimistic note – that we can act, we can prosper and we can thrive – with zero emissions.

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  • Lee

    GB could get to zero and it would have zero effect on the global temperature. We need to start with China, India, and Russia, where most of the pollution originates. Also making goods locally and NOT shipping them from China, etc would help a lot, but the energy policies in place make that impossible economically in the UK and USA, to name a couple. How much energy can be saved my making things locally? They propose stopping shipping, which would include the shipping of food. This would cause starvation in areas that do not produce enough food locally Also the crop projections are just for countries near the equator. Crop production in the UK and Canada, for example, could likely increase if efforts were made. In short, it appears that the proposals presented have not been properly thought out.

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