Welcome to all our new followers!

Our films were featured in The Guardian last week and we have had a fantastic response. Many of you have made contact to tell us how our content has impacted you nd we love to read it.

We’ve had several messages about local community initiatives which will use our resource in their own work. This week, we heard from Churt Zero, a local organisation in Surrey which aims to mobilise local people to make more sustainable decisions. Please let us know if you have any activities you’d like to share with us as we’d love to feature your work on our website. If you do use any of our films at an event or cover them in your own content or newsletters, please feel free to send us the links!

We’ve also received contact from many primary school teachers wondering if we plan on adapting our work for use in that setting. The answer is yes – and we’d like to talk to interested schools about this possibility. If you’d like to join the team discussing this, please get in touch.

Finally – if you have any other questions, we love to hear from you. We’ll get Facebook and Instagram up and running for the Tick Zero community as soon as we can.

More soon!